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IT solutions in education for elementary school.

Telemetry and Automation

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Alternative energy

Integrated solar collector for water heating.

Other projects

Medical, agrarian, advertising sphere.

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Our technical platform

Industrial park “Svema” – first industrial park in Ukraine!

Industrial park “Svema” - is

92 ha building area for objects of park investors. 

30 enterprises satellites working in the chemical, pharmaceutical, woodworking industries. 

8 years on the market successful development of the IT sphere 


Industrial Park "SVEMA"
our technical platform

Industrial park “Svema” - is 92 ha building area for objects of park investors. 30 enterprises satellites. 8 years on the market successful development of the IT sphere

Educational hardware-software complex Smart house 3D with Wi-Fi

for primary school children

Lessons using the augmented reality (AR)

Lessons from algorithmic programming with the help of the added reality allow students to teach algorithmic-critical thinking, skills for finding and correcting programming errors, and also the possibility of using the complex as a measuring laboratory.


Schoolchildren are happy to use all the facilities of the complex, it is very convenient and clear.


The skills that children get when programming is useful in later life.


Children explore the environment and make models of real objects.

Smart Robot Elon

Education project in robototechnics.

Smart Robot is a unique educational development for teaching robotics and programming children in schools

With the help of the programming system, students learn to develop robot control algorithms, for this the student must provide a way to work through obstacles, predict his behavior and develop a program for which the robot will move.

GSM + GPS remote ecological and geodetic telemetry system

  • Collection, storage and processing of data
  • Data transfer to server (GET request or MQTT protocol)
  • Creating an online database on the server (graphs, maps, tables, analytics)
  • Connection of temperature sensor, humidity, atmospheric pressure
  • Connecting a shock sensor (as in auto alarm)
  • Connection of the motion sensor (Doppler radar, up to 5 m)
  • Management of devices and actuators connected to the system (lighting, climate, safety, etc.)
  • It is possible to connect up to 20 different sensors.
  • It is possible to add an LCD / LED screen

Solar Hot Water

The cost of our solar collector is 5 times lower than analogs. Payback period is 1 year! Available online control and monitoring.

The solar collector is designed for domestic hot water heating systems. Water heating in pools and as support of heating of private houses can also be used.

This solar collector is the ideal solution in terms of design and parameters.

1 square meter enough to heat 100 liters of hot water.

Another projects

We have projects in medicine, agrarian sphere, design, complex automation. Soon we will complete all these sections. But you can always contact us on these issues.

Our Team

Our team consists from teachers of the Institute.

Oleksandr Andrusenko

Oleksandr Andrusenko


Pavlo Pata

Pavlo Pata

COO, WEB-developer

Evgen Mozok

Evgen Mozok